Level Best

High Accuracy

With the use of top quality automatic laser/GPS control gear in conjunction with the high performance hydraulics and robust mechanics of the Level Best, final trim is easily achieved accurate to within 5mm.

Smooth Performance

Operators love the smooth operation of Level Best laser graders. Even in the toughest of Aussie conditions with a high powered skid-steer pushing it, the Level Best never fails to produce it’s outstanding results. The key is the unique Level-Best hydraulic valve system that adjusts six times a second on the fly. Operation is so smooth you’d never know it’s working so hard.

Durability and Service Life

Level-Best laser grading boxes are made to the highest standards of material and craftsmanship. It is expected that all Level-Best laser graders will log thousands of high production hours with little maintenance. For replaceable wear-parts and accessories, please contact us.

Simple and Easy Operation

With in-cab controls, Level-Best laser grading attachments are adaptable to the quality workmanship of all operators, making it simple and easy to manually adjust the blade. Using the laser system in auto allows the Level-Best to perform its magic, while the operator skilfully manoeuvres it around the job. Learning to use the Level-Best attachment is generally a breeze for most operators, and it isn’t long before they’re a pro at levelling. Outstanding fine-grading results have never been quicker and easier to achieve.

Expert Dealer Support

Level Best grading attachments have been levelling Australian soil since 2008. Throughout the years over 300 units have been supplied to satisfied customers nationally and client support along with product knowledge has only got better.

Hands-on technical support teams have worked alongside customers over the years gaining in-field experience and understanding of the machines. This ensures they can offer the highest form of assistance to reduce your down time, keeping grading work efficient and on schedule.

Level Best Gallery

Level-Best PL Series on CAT

Level-Best PL Series on CAT

Level-Best PL Series on Bobcat

Level-Best PL Series on Bobcat

Level-Best PL Series on CATn

Level-Best TS Series in a Horse Arena

Level Best PD-BLACK -UTS Guidance

Level Best PD-BLACK -UTS Guidance

Level-Best PC Series -Trench

Level-Best PC Series -Trench

Level-Best grader blade on Cat CTL loader working in shed

Level-Best grader blade on Cat Skidsteer loader working in a Chicken Shed

What our clients say

The time a Level-Best saves you on site is unbelievable. I recently moved approx 250 ton of roadbase in about 5 hours, spread it over a 3000m2 area, I was within a few mm over the whole area once it was rolled and trimmed.

Greg Buxton, Greg Buxton Excavations, Hunter Valley NSW

The Level-Best is such an excellent bit of gear. I’ve heard people say that they wont cut material but I’ve quickly proved them wrong. It will cut pads and its great in that it makes pricing so much easier. I love the fact your jobs go in so accurately when you prep your sub-grade, your sub-base and your base-course. Jobs that would previously take days can now be done in hours. There is just no guess work. Once its set up, you just sit there and drive and let the machine do the work.

Gav-Moore Level Best TestimonialGav Moore, M&M Equipment, Hunter Valley NSW

WFC Contracting Co is a third generation family business. In 2018 we celebrate 60 years in business. Over the last 30 years we have seen many changes with purchases of a variety of different machinery from graders, loaders, trucks & excavators.

I would have to say that the biggest impact and change on our business with machinery purchasing would have to be hands down our Level-Best. We have owned a Level-Best for 7 Years and it has completely changed the level of efficiency and quality of our finished product. “Near enough is not good enough”

With the Level-Best we deliver perfection every time!!

Anthony Holmes, WFC Contracting Company

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