Level Best Models

Level Best is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser grading attachments. We offer exceptionally high quality standards, unequalled for creating precisely finished grades for site preparation and maintenance. We offer hands on technical support and have worked alongside customers over the years gaining in-field experience and understanding of the level best machines. This ensures we can offer the highest form of assistance to reduce your down time, keeping grading work efficient and on schedule.

Skid Steer and Track Loader Attachments

PC Series Level Best

PC Series – Compact Loader

For Skid Steer and Track Loaders up to 40hp we recommend the PC Series. Level Best PC Series grading box is a small version with the same high-performance, turning compact loaders into grading machines. Single & Dual Axis.

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PS BLACK Series Level Best

PS Black Level Best

For Skid Steer and Track Loaders 50hp and over we recommend the PS BLACK Series. The Level Best PS BLACK grading box is a single-axis grading system made specifically to work with skid steer loaders working in wide areas.

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PD BLACK Series Level Best


For Skid Steer and Track Loaders 50hp and over we recommend the PD BLACK Series. The Level Best PD BLACK grading box is a dual-axis grading system made specifically to work with skid-steer loaders requiring high accuracy and productivity.

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Tractor Attachments

C Series Level Best

C Series – Compact Tractor / ATV Attachment

For ATVs and tractors with up to 30hp we recommend the C Series. The C Series Level Best grading boxes provide high precision laser grading in a small, highly manoeuvrable package. They attach to small tractors, ride-on mowers, quad-bikes and other utility vehicles.

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T Series Level Best

T Series – Standard Tractor Attachment

For tractors with between 30-70 hp we recommend the T Series. The T Series Level Best is made to work with a wide range of tractors, and are best sellers due to their combination of flexibility, rugged durability and trouble free productivity.

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LB-E Series Level Best

LB-E Series – Large Tractor Attachment

For tractors with over 70hp we recommend the LB-E Series. The LB-E Series Level Best has 60% more capacity than the next smallest units, and is used for applications like large concrete pours, athletic sports field construction and turf preparation.

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Single Axis vs Dual Axis – what’s the difference?

Single Axis

The Single Axis Level Best operates on a simple raise/lower principle. Ran automatically with any red beam rotational laser, the Single Axis uses one laser receiver to adjust the center of the blade to the right height six times a second.

It comes standard with a manual-override raise/lower remote switch. The unit is ideal for jobs with area to move about in various directions.

Dual Axis

The Dual Axis Level-Best operates on a lift/tilt or a lift/lift principle, with a smarter control box and an extra laser receiver to adjust the tilt mechanism of the machine. The PD-BLACK Series comes standard with a manual-override lift/tilt joystick with a remote offset option to adjust the ‘on grade’ point of the receivers up or down in millimetres.

All other models use a dual remote switch. This unit is ideal in most applications, especially on long narrow jobs.

Add GPS Control to any Level-Best model!

Laser Guidance comes standard with every machine. Although, if you have the need of it; GPS/UTS Guidance can be installed, giving you the ability to grade multiple different contours with one setup.

This makes light work of applications like large carparks with many different falls to storm water drains and other job sites where a design has been drawn by a surveyor, and you simply load it onto the control box and start operating, leaving your Level Best to adjust to on grade automatically!

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Add GPS Control to any Level-Best model!