The newest model Level-Best PD-BLACK has evolved from a tried and proven concept of a great machine, now made even better.  This latest release is the product of many years of experience in the dirt, providing contractors the ability to get the job done with speed to perfection. Whether the task on hand is concrete prep, road construction or sports surfaces, equipment is needed that provides accuracy and fine grading to save time, money, effort and leave an outstanding result. The PD-BLACK will provide this professional result on time every time.

Serious about speed and accuracy?  The  PD-BLACK is the machine for you, with its top end machine control systems and dual grade capability.

The unique PD-BLACK design gives operators exceptional control, efficiency and smoothness, eliminating the “bounce” effect characteristic of the short wheelbase of skid-steer loaders. This best-selling Level-Best is built to take advantage of the push-pull directional work style of skid-steer loaders for maximum production, providing the ability to complete the job in reverse to remove track marks and achieve a professional finish.

The PD-BLACK is a Dual Axis machine which uses an integrated tilting hitch and parallel link arms to adjust the lift and tilt mechanisms of the machine. With the use of a smart control box and two laser receivers, the blade automatically adjusts to the correct height and side tilt to match the grade of the laser.  This Dual Axis machine is ideal in most applications, and essential on long narrow jobs. The dual axis smart tilt system will keep the cutting edge parallel to the laser or 3D design even if the skid-steer goes out of level, or off grade.

The PD-BLACK machine is the finest high performance grading system of any kind. While it is a complex and highly accurate system, it is simple to use and even the most inexperienced operators can enjoy professional grading results. The PD-BLACK machine is built tough to withstand the most rigorous of conditions and has a greatly increased high power tilt action to allow the unit to cut even highly compacted surfaces to the required grades effectively.  Uniform and consistent grades are easily achieved with unmatched speed and accuracy.

High performance features include grease-free composite bushings, reversible cutting edges, urethane filled tyres on highway wheel bearings for extended service life and minimal down time. The anti-clog hinged blade system, with forward and reverse blades, allows the active blade to cut and the trailing blade to float without restriction. The trailing blade also provides a secondary screed effect leaving a ‘dining table’ finish.

Automatic machine control system types include GPS, UTS and Laser Guidance as fully developed options, available on all Level-Bestmachines, with factory made harnesses and in-cab controllers to suit your machine. The in-cab controllers include a manual-override lift/tilt joystick and a remote offset option to adjust the ‘on grade’ point of the receivers up or down in millimeters. This is a very handy feature allowing the operator to make height adjustment offsets on-the-run without leaving the cab.

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