Level Best FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Level Best Compact Grading Attachments, Machine Control, and Grader Attachment Compatibility.

Which Level Best product is right for me?2020-04-28T11:26:47+10:00

That really depends on your application and existing equipment. If you’re doing flat work for concrete or athletic turf then a single-mast unit might be all you need. If you plan to do dual-grade laser or contour grading (3D) or simply want to get to grade faster you’ll need a dual-mast Level Best. What series of Level Best comes down to your power unit. If you currently have a compact or smaller utility tractor, then a TS- or TD-series Level Best will work great. Larger tractors (over 75HP) will be better suited to our Super-Capacity units. If you have a skid loader or compact track loader (CTL), then our PS- or PD-series is for you. We didn’t forget those working in tight confines—our PC and Compact Tractor lines are sized for smaller machines.

What is “Machine Control?”2020-04-28T11:27:31+10:00

Simply put, machine control uses automation technology to control the position of the cutting blade on an earthmoving piece of equipment. The operator is still in control of driving the tractor/loader; the machine-control system only takes over the grade controls. All machine-control systems used with Level Best products still allow the operator to manually-override the system to make small corrections, should they be needed (e.g. carrying too much spoil).

What makes a better final grade: a tractor box or skid-steer?2020-04-28T11:28:00+10:00

The manoeuvrability and power of a skid steer or CTL will tend to get you to grade faster than a tow-behind tractor box will. The tractor box will tend to be a more stable platform and can often get a slightly more precise finish (especially when equipped with a drawbar kit). Rest assured that either platform you choose will get you superbly accurate results.

How fast can I grade?2020-04-28T11:28:54+10:00

The general rule is: the slower you go, the faster you’ll grade. With that in mind, we usually recommend grading at a brisk walking pace for roughing-in and slowing to a slow walking pace for the final pass. Going too fast will make the machine bounce, which throws off accuracy significantly.

What brand of machine control is best? Should I get Trimble, Leica, or Topcon?2020-04-28T11:29:19+10:00

A Level Best grading box will perform equally well with any major brand of technology. What system you choose comes down to personal preference: How accurate do you want to be? What is your budget? Is your dealer going to give you personalised service after the sale? Are you currently using a specific brand of technology and want to stick with it?

All the major brands of technology offer fully capable, robust systems that will keep you grading accurately for years to come. The biggest variable between a system that is running smoothly & making you money and one that is constant headaches seems to be the amount of training and support the dealer can supply.

What is the best brand of tractor or loader I should buy?2020-04-28T11:29:40+10:00

Along with the previous question, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone has their preferred brand of equipment and that is often due to an existing dealer relationship. The good news is that a Level Best will integrate with whatever brand you decide to buy.

I’ve already got a Topcon laser. Can I use a Trimble machine system with it? (or vice-versa)2020-04-28T11:29:53+10:00

Machine-control systems will work equally well with any brand of laser beacon provided the laser is a construction-grade unit that can shoot a beam 600 rpm or higher.

I thought I made my decision to buy a PD-series grading box. Now I see you have the GB108 grader blade. Which one is better?2020-04-28T11:30:08+10:00

It isn’t a matter of one being better than the other, but which one will suit your needs better. If you are moving loose material such as fill, modified stone, or topsoil then a grading box is probably your best bet. You’ll be able to move more material into place faster. However, if you are looking to do cuts in virgin soil, crown existing lanes or roadways, windrow material, or grade contours fast then the grader blade is the machine for you.

I’ve got an old motor grader that I can’t get parts for anymore but I don’t need all the fancy electronics. Can I run the GB108 with manual controls?2020-04-28T11:30:27+10:00

If you’re thinking of replacing an ageing road grader but are hesitant to put machine-control on a new machine, we’ve got good news. The GB108 can be operated just with the joystick option in the cab. You can even move the joystick from one CTL to another in your fleet. If you decide to add machine-guidance down the road you can do that too.

I’m ready to buy. Where can I get a price quote?2020-04-28T11:31:51+10:00

Please get in touch with us via the form on our Contact Us page. They will be able to discuss with you to find a machine and technology package that best suits your needs.


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