The C Series Level-Best grading boxes provide high precision laser grading in a small, highly manoeuvrable package. They attach to small tractors, ride-on mowers, quad-bikes and other utility vehicles, making them perfect for use on athletic fields and bowling greens, like periodic infield maintenance, running path upkeep, top-dressing, rebuilding golf tees and other similar applications.

High performance features include grease less composite bushings, reversible cutting edges, and highway wheel bearings for extended service life.

Level-Best tow-behind grading boxes are available in your choice of three-point hitch or draw-bar configuration. The three-point hitch keeps the grading box close to the power unit for added manoeuvrability in tight spaces. You can add the optional draw-bar to maximise levelling capacity and accuracy. The C Series is available with either hydraulic or electric operation.

The Single Axis Level-Best operates on a simple raise/lower principle. Ran automatically with any red beam rotational laser, the Single Axis uses one laser receiver to adjust the centre of the blade to the right height six times a second. It comes standard with a manual-override raise/lower remote switch. The unit is ideal for jobs with area to move about in various directions.

The Dual Axis Level-Best operates on a lift/tilt or a lift/lift principle, with a smarter control box and an extra laser receiver to adjust the tilt mechanism of the machine. The PC Series and PL Series comes standard with a wiring harness and a manual-override lift/tilt joystick with a remote offset option to adjust the ‘on grade’ point of the receivers up or down in millimetres. The other models use a dual remote switch. This unit is ideal in most applications, especially on long narrow jobs.

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