What Applications can a Level Best be used for?

Creating the perfect concrete slab

Level Best laser grading boxes were first used in the concrete industry to create the base for flatter, better quality slabs. Maintaining a flat subgrade before and during a pour is essential to quality concrete slabs and minimising overages.

Golf Course Tees

Level Best laser grading boxes make quick work of rebuilding golf course tees and other locations around the course. Ground staff and managers love how easy it is to create the correct grade with very tight tolerances.

Sporting Fields

Building a superior grade into a sports field makes maintenance easier. A consistently smooth playing surface is important to player safety and athletic performance. Level Best grading boxes help create and maintain prime playing conditions at all levels of play.

Horse Arenas

Sure footing is critical to health, safety and enjoyment for both horse and rider in equestrian training and show venues. Level Best grading equipment not only maintains the correct grade, it also helps control material depth for edge-to-edge consistency throughout the arena. Level Best equipment is used at some of the world’s premier equestrian facilities.

Emerging Markets

Level Best grading boxes are highly compatible with GPS, sonic sensors and total stations. All of these control technologies are being used with Level Best grading boxes for jobs like grading railroad ballast, preparing explosive beds for mining, road construction, golf course renovation and more.

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Level Best Applications
Level Best Applications
Level Best Applications